September 2021

We’re featuring two complementary products that counteract the signs of skin aging: TRIPEPTIDE-R-NECK REPAIR, formulated exclusively for the fragile skin of the neck and décolleté, and GLYCOLIC BRIGHTENING RENEW OVERNIGHT.

Both products are part of your complete nightly anti-aging routine.

TRIPEPTIDE-R-NECK Treatment is clinically proven to improve the visible appearance of aging neck and décolleté, loss of firmness and reduction of wrinkled appearance of the skin.

Using trifunctional correction technology, it strengthens the extracellular matrix to help support the skin’s resistance to visible neck aging. It’s formulated with 0.2% pure retinol, 2.5% tripeptide concentrate and 5.0% glaucine complex derived from the yellow poppy. Together, they renew, firm and smooth the appearance of the skin.

GLYCOLIC BRIGHTENING RENEW OVERNIGHT is the gentlest way to begin chemical exfoliation treatments. It’s kind enough to be used on most skin types—even sensitive ones, thanks to its soothing complex based on natural oil extracts and plants. Phytic acid and 4% glycolic acid complete the complex, working to exfoliate dead skin cells and help you rediscover glowing skin and a smooth, rehydrated texture.

Both products complement each other perfectly for a highly effective nightly skincare routine!